Largillière Finance

Largillière Finance assists its clients in the development of their group or their company through the management of their external growth.

First step.

Our teams analyze the strategic needs of our customers (development of the turnover, vertical integration, diversification, acquisition of know-how, internationalization, …) as well as the financial aspects (minority or majority participation, financing, LBO, …) that will define the direction of the operation.

Second step.

We carry out an important identification work. We target a multitude of counterparties. The Largillière Finance methodology is specific: each target is approached individually. The goal is to present our clients with acquisition targets with whom we have already traded. The targets are therefore highly qualified and correspond to the acquisition strategy chosen because our conviction is that the success of the operations depends on the quality of the targeting and the contact.

Third step.

We pilot all the phases of the process until the acquisition (negotiation, management of the Letter of Intent (L.O.I.), supervision of the Dataroom, …) and until the complete realization of the operation.

We can integrate in our mission the search for financing for acquisitions.