Jean François Bay

Senior Advisor
Institut Supérieur de Commerce (Master en Finance)

Jean-François Bay is Managing Director of Quantalys, a company whose mission is to be at the heart of the digital transformation of wealth management in Europe.

He was for 7 years General Manager of the French subsidiary of Morningstar, world leader in The analysis and dissemination of financial information.

He has successfully created several companies and specialized platforms in the allocation advice and selection of funds for professionals (Seeds Finance, Multiratings …) companies bought by Morningstar.

Jean- François Bay is Honorary-Founding Member of the French Association of Institutional Investors (Af2i) and Director of the Federation of Individual Investors (F2ic). He was a member of the Organization and Market Operations Committee of the AMF, Associate Professor at Paris Dauphine University and Administrator-Treasurer of the CNCIF.

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