Largillière Finance advises the transmission of MT12 and MT15, two franchised agencies Meilleurtaux in Paris

MT12 and MT15 – founded and directed by Véronique Farbos and Alexis Godard – are taken over by Véronique Farbos, transmission operation led by Largillière Finance

Based in Paris in the twelfth and fifteenth arrondissement, MT12 and MT15 are two of the thirteen Meilleurtaux agencies contractually limited to Paris intramuros. They were founded by Véronique Farbos and Alexis Godard in 2014 for MT15 and 2016 for MT12.

The two founders and shareholders of MT12 and MT15 entrusted Largillière Finance with a mandate for the transfer of their companies in order to allow Alexis Godard to devote himself to other life projects.

After studying several solutions identified by Largillière Finance, Véronique Farbos and Alexis Godard adopted a transmission scheme between shareholders.

Alexis Godard’s shares held by acquisition was completed by a senior debt provided by BNP Paribas.

Véronique Farbos, Purchasing Manager, explains: “I was delighted to found and develop the two Meilleurtaux agencies alongside Alexis, who will continue to provide us with his expertise. I wish him a lot of success in his future plans. Thank you to Largillière Finance for allowing this operation’s success. The wise advice of its teams was more than helpful in order to make a transaction in excellent conditions for Alexis and myself.

Shamir Razavhoussen, Director at Largillière Finance: “We are very happy to have accompanied Véronique Farbos and Alexis Godard in their agencies’ transmission. Our experience in financial services has allowed us to quickly achieve a balanced operation for both parties.

About MT12 & MT15 (

MT12 and MT15 are two Parisian real estate brokerage agencies under the Meilleurtaux franchise.
Ideally located, the two agencies achieved aggregate revenues of € 1.3 million in 2017 and are expected to continue growing in 2018.

One of the leaders in its market, the Meilleurtaux network has produced nearly € 8 billion in new real estate loans in 2017.

About Largillière Finance (

Based in Paris, Brussels and Geneva, Largillière Finance is an independent consulting company specialized in assisting executives and shareholders of ETI and SMEs in their corporate finance transactions: corporate disposals and acquisitions, financing (capital and / or debt), financial engineering (valuation …) and financial strategy.
Since 2005, the firm has conducted numerous mergers and acquisitions and also offers strategic coaching services to groups and executives.

Stakeholders List:

Buyer: Véronique Farbos

Sell Side: MT12 et MT15 – Alexis Godard

Buyer Advisor: Largillière Finance – Nicolas Ibanez, Shamir Razavhoussen, Florian Leginy

Bank financing: BNP Paribas