Banque Dessinée

Banque Dessinée

Press release

Banque Dessinée is moving closer to Millon to create the first operator of voluntary sales in Belgium

Banque Dessinée is a Voluntary Sales Operator (auction company) based in Brussels, Belgium. The Company specializes in the auctioning of collectible comics and associated objects. Leader in its Belgian market, the Company generates more than 25 sales a year (physical and online sales).

Millon is a Voluntary Sales Operator based in France, Belgium and Switzerland. It realizes more than 120 sales a year. “Millon Sales House is the leading independent player in Drouot, with 25 departments and 25 experts. ”

Through this merger, Banque Dessinée and Millon strengthen their presence on the Belgian market by creating the first independent generalist player.

Nicolas Ibanez, Director of Largillière Finance: « We are delighted to have accompanied the company Banque Dessinée in its merger with Millon. This merger of the two Belgian structures will strengthen the expertise and presence of each one on Belgium to become a key player in the landscape of comics (segment in very strong growth) as well as on general sales.»