Press release

The company So-Ho! takes over the franchise network balladins

With more than thirty years of experience serving customers and around fifty hotels, the franchise balladins is a chain hotel on a human scale and positioned on establishments classified 2 and 3 stars.

Via the company So-Hô!, David Morel and Fabrice Beyer, respectively Director of franchise and Marketing Director of the brand balladins accompanied by private investors, are acquiring the business of the franchise. They take in charge the development of this very high-potential hotel network through this acquisition from its former owner, the Dynamic Hotels Management Group.

The balladins network is a key player in the hotel market and thus becomes a key brand of So-Hô! Its executives thus intend, through this operation, to pursue projects such as the launch of a trademark license or the construction of modular wood hotels.


David Morel, President of So-Hô :

« We are delighted to take up this challenge and we could not have completed this acquisition project without the regular and decisive support of Largillière Finance. Its expertise has allowed us to obtain a positive outcome in terms of financing for the purchase of the balladins chain, to save precious time thanks to sound advice, and the result of the various negotiations that Largillière Finance has carried out on our behalf has been largely profitable! »

Nicolas Ibanez, Partner at Largillière Finance :

« We are very happy to have accompanied the managers of the network in taking over the business of this very promising hotel group»


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