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Capital Initiative

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Capital Initiative, an asset finance company, announces its capital-intensive partnership with the Groupe SOS Group, leader of the social and solidarity economy.

Paris, 29th November 2019

Groupe SOS becomes a shareholder of Capital Initiative

Founded in 1998 by René Hans, Capital Initiative financially support French small and medium-sized businesses, and more particularly companies that have difficulties to access traditional bank funding. Through its RTA (Temporary Purchase of Assets) program, Capital Initiative has already invested € 15.2 million in 53 operations.

Founded by Jean-Marc Borello, Groupe SOS is the leading European social enterprise. At the head of 550 institutions (hospitals, retirement homes, shelters for people in difficulty …), the company employs more than 18,000 people for a total turnover of nearly 1 billion euros.

With its acquisition of Capital Initiative, the Groupe SOS is launching a very ambitious plan to:

– Respond pragmatically and securely to SMEs facing funding issues

– Allow the establishment of a capitalism of general interest:

o fair compensation of investors based on the risk taken

o reinvestment of surplus earnings in the Capital Initiative Fund

o place the development of SMEs as the main objective of the Capital Initiative Fund

– Save companies in difficulty

In the long term, the development plan aims to raise € 100 M and to cover all French regions.


René Hans, CEO of Capital Initiative :

« The Groupe SOS is a natural partner for Capital Initiative as we share the values ​​of humanity, fighting spirit and solidarity.

This operation aims to develop our action on the national territory. I know that together we will meet this challenge that will make Capital Initiative the number one French support for businesses in need of cash.

I must thank and congratulate the Largillière Finance teams for having correctly identified the existing synergies with our new partner and in particular Alexandra Marquand, Thomas Bureau and Tanguy Mantelin. »

Tanguy Mantelin, Founding Partner of Largillière Finance:

« We had a real crush on the Capital Initiative mission. Working with René Hans is to mix passion and enthusiasm and to say that we can all work a little for a capitalism of general interest.

The Capital Initiative’s partnership with Groupe SOS is also a culmination of the 6-year commitment of Largillière Finance teams in Impact Investing. »


About Capital Initiative (

Capital Initiative RTA simultaneously buys and leases an asset (furniture or real estate) from a company. The latter thus retains the use of the asset while benefiting from the cash generated from the sale. This system, whose principle has been validated by the Prudential Supervisory Authority of the Banque de France, allows alternative financing for SMEs.

About Groupe SOS (

35 years ago, the GROUPE SOS was created with the ambition to fight against exclusions in all their forms. Gradually diversifying its activities, it now meets the needs of society with 8 sectors of activity: Youth, Employment, Solidarity, Health, Seniors, Culture, Ecological Transition, International Action. With 18,000 employees, 550 establishments and services and € 950 million turnover, the SOS GROUP is the leading European social enterprise.

A propos de Largillière Finance (

Based in Paris, Brussels and Geneva, Largillière Finance is an independent consulting company specialized in assisting executives and shareholders of ETI and SMEs in their corporate finance transactions: corporate disposals and acquisitions, financing (capital and / or debt), financial engineering (valuation …) and financial strategy. Since 2005, the firm has conducted numerous mergers and acquisitions and also offers strategic coaching services to groups and executives.

With more than 20 employees, a presence in 3 European countries and close to 30 operations in 2019, Largillière Finance is ranked as the leading small cap investment bank in France :

Fusions & Acquisitions – Opérations jusqu’à 30 M€ – Classement 2019 – Banque d’affaires – France