Reflet 2000

Reflet 2000

Press release

REFLET 2000 (€ 8.5 million turnover) is taken over by its operating director – Laurent Rafflin, MBO sponsorless operation advised by Largillière Finance

Paris, 15TH April 2019

REFLET 2000, an industrial maintenance and cleaning company in Ile-de-France, was taken over in MBO by its operating director Laurent Rafflin.

Created in 1980, REFLET 2000 is one of the largest independent Ile-de-France industrial cleaning companies. With a turnover of € 8.5 million and over 400 employees, the company operates throughout the Ile-de-France region with a diversified and recurring clientele, ensuring a steady and secure turnover since many years.

Following the death in 2016 of the CEO of REFLET 2000, Jeanne Mornet, shareholder and founder, wanted to sell her company by ensuring the sustainability of the activity and its staff.

The solution of a takeover by Laurent Rafflin, director of operations for more than 20 years in the company, was naturally imposed. At the helm of REFLET 2000 since 2016, he has maintained the trust of historical customers and has proven his ability to lead and develop the company through the acquisition of new customers.

The transaction’s financing was arranged by BNP PARIBAS, company’s historical banking partner.

Laurent Rafflin, President of REFLET 2000 :

« The REFLET 2000 takeover is the logical and happy outcome of a professional career of more than 20 years in its midst. I would like to thank Mrs Mornet for her trust as well as the Largillière Finance teams who have been able to accompany me throughout the realization of this operation. Largillière Finance was always present at my side and allowed me to conclude a balanced and satisfactory operation for all parties. »

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About Reflet 2000 (

Industrial cleaning company based in Ile de France, Reflet 2000 was created in 1988 by Jeanne Mornet.

Trained and supervised in practice and knowledge of products, the Reflet 2000 team consists of 400 employees. Although its growth is strong and regular, REFLET 2000 intends to remain a company on a human scale



Buyer: Laurent Rafflin

Sell Side: Jeanne Mornet

Buyer Advisor: Largillière Finance – Tanguy Mantelin, Florian Leginy

Buyer Corporate Lawyer: August Debouzy – Philippe Lorentz