Strategic advisory and financial engineering

Largillière Finance

With strong experience gained throughout its operations, Largillière Finance has developed an expertise in consulting that we make available to our clients to support them in their strategic, financial and operational considerations.

Our tailor-made approach allows us to explore an extensive range of missions, both punctual and long-term.

Some examples (non-exhaustive list):

Shareholder mediation

in the case of conflict

We have extensive experience managing shareholder conflicts, whether minority or majority.

The goal is to find a consensual solution for the benefit of our clients.


We carry out financial assessments for our clients on the basis of a multi-criteria approach

  • Valuation of securities, tangible / intangible assets
  • Evaluation prior to a sale assignment, acquisition of an identified target, or fundraising
  • Valuation of investments held by investment funds, family office, etc.

We carry out strategic reviews providing our clients qualified expert advice on an opportunity to change scope (external growth, carve-out, spin-off, etc.).



We provide our clients with long-term support to assist them in their strategic thinking throughout the life of the company

  • Structuring and partnership follow-up
  • International development assistance (creation of subsidiaries, identification of business partners, etc.)
  • Strategic screening (diversification, development of the value chain, etc
  • Sector studies (analysis of markets, capital transactions, strategic opportunities)

Sector studies (analysis of markets, capital transactions, strategic opportunities, …)