Largillière Finance

Largillière Finance assists its clients, entrepreneurs, majority or minority shareholders in their plans to sell their group and their company through a solid intervention model.

First step.

We rigorously analyze the company and its market in order to build a clear presentation file (anonymous summary presentation, detailed information memorandum, etc.).

In parallel, we identify potential buyers by using all our resources (employees, databases, advisors club, …).

Second step.

We take contact, initially anonymously, with the potential buyers.

Third step.

Following the exchanges of confidentiality agreements and information memorandum messaging, the Largillière Finance teams negotiate on behalf of its clients, with the selected buyers. The purpose of this step is to receive several letters of intent, to allow our customers to select the best offers.

Fourth step.

As an architect, we pilot the various actors (lawyers, accountants, …) during the audit phases until the actual transfer in accordance with the expectations of the client.